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Enhance the setup and performance of your float valves by purchasing top-quality replacement discharges here at Keraflo.

Our collection of discharges are designed to work with Aylesbury ‘K’ type, Aylesbury ‘KB’ type and Aylesbury ‘KAX’ type flat valves alike, and come in assemblies of 35mm and 3/4”.

Browse the entire range below and buy your discharges online today.

3/4" Discharge Assembly - 57 x 187

Suitable for: K, KB and KAX type
Part Code: KA046
£65.00 + VAT
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35mm Discharge 84x269

Suitable for: KAX Type
Part Code: KA073
£65.00 + VAT
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35mm Discharge Assembly - 84 x145 (Cast Outlet)

Suitable for: KB Type
Part Code: KA029
£65.00 + VAT
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35mm Discharge Assembly 84 x 214

Suitable for: KAX Type
Part Code: KA084
£65.00 + VAT
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Aylesbury 'KS' Type
Stainless Steel float valve for use in seawater, demineralised water and process applications
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