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Capitol Building, Bracknell

Tanktronic Trial SitesTestify Keraflo’s Expertise

Capitol Building, Bracknell Image 1

Tanktronic is an innovation in intuitive water storage tank monitoring and management from the experts in coldwater storage valve solutions, Keraflo. To date Tanktronic has been successfully trialled at three commercial sites in the UK: Capitol Building in Bracknell, The O2 in London and Prospect Park Hospital in Reading. Following these trials the product is now available to the building services market.

With the aim of removing the time and uncertainty associated with water management and storage, Keraflo developed Tanktronic as a new, user-friendly solution. It is an integrated approach, combining a sensor with an electronic wall-mounted control interface. Where tank filling is needed, a solenoid valve fitted on the supply pipework to the tank. These features mean that the Tanktronic can be linked to a building’s BMS system, making water management a fully integrated part of building services.

The building services manager or FM can easily view the volume and temperature of water stored at any time from the wall-mounted control interface, without the need to access the tank. Where additional features, such as controlled filling, are needed, the Tanktronic can be programmed to accommodate the individual needs of the system, by linking to a Keraflo valve.

The plant room Phill is responsible for accommodates four water storage tanks, with a nominal capacity of around 16,000 litres each. The previous system was hugely unreliable: “I would regularly come into the plant room to find it either flooded because the old system had stuck and a tank had overflowed or the tanks were completely empty. Now, with Tanktronic in place, I have the complete reassurance that this won’t happen. In fact, I don’t even need to access the tanks, other than to carry out tank condition inspections – all the information I need is displayed on the wall-mounted unit. Obviously this is a major benefit both in terms of hygiene control and also in the time involved.”

Because Keraflo’s Tanktronic can be programmed to alert the user if the stored water fluctuates from a set point, such as volume and temperature, there is never any uncertainty involved in monitoring the water storage system.

“The Tanktronic does exactly what it claims to do,” says Phill Atterton, “It is a vast improvement on my old solution.”





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