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Tanktronic Repeater Unit

for Tanktronic cold water storage tank management system applications, repeater unit for convenient operation. To be installed with an existing Tanktronic Control Unit (up to 100 metres away). The software version of the Control unit and Repeater must match, contact Keraflo for assistance.

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£ 349.20
Price (incl. VAT)

Tanktronic Repeater Unit

for Tanktronic cold water storage tank management system applications, repeater unit for convenient operation. To be installed with an existing Tanktronic Control Unit (up to 100 metres away). The software version of the Control unit and Repeater must match, contact Keraflo for assistance.

£ 349.20
Price (incl. VAT)


SKU TT/100
Total Cost £ 349.20


Product Information

Tanktronic® is an advanced electronic tank management system that monitors water levels and temperature. It can also manage and control tank filling.  This user-friendly system, which is quick to install, offers a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring.

The primary monitoring and control hardware for the Tanktronic system is the Control Unit, which can manage up to 4 x individual tank sensors, 8 x Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valves and 2 x Tanktronic Control Valves plus additional third party devices.  The unit can manage up to four individual tanks.

The unit operates on a 230V/50Hz single phase supply from a switched fused 3A supply. Tanktronic only requires a single power connection to the Control Unit, while the additional modules do not require a separate supply.  The optional Battery Module can provide back-up power if required.

Tanktronic can control up to 4 x separate tanks. This can be up to 4 x single tanks, 2 x pair of balanced tanks, or 1 x pair of balanced tanks + 1 x single tank.  Adding the S-Module will allow additional Control Valves and third party devices to be added.

A range of options allows Tanktronic to support any design of tank layout. The plug-in modules also give the system enhanced functionality and convenience as required by the user:

Sensor – The Sensor monitors both water pressure and temperature. The unit is provided pre-fitted to a connection box for rapid mounting and electrical wiring.  Available as either a single or twin sensor unit with either 3m or 5m cable.

Repeater Unit – Works as an interface extension to the Control Unit, allowing the user to programme, monitor and control the Tanktronic system remotely from a building facilities management office location. The unit does not require a separate power supply and can be sited 100 metres away from the main Control Unit installed in the tank room.

S-Module – An expansion module that can boost the Tanktronic control capacity. Adding the S-Module will allow an additional 2 x Control Valves to be controlled and extra third party devices to be connected to the Tanktronic system.

Battery Module – Provides back-up power to the mains supply, providing up to two days of normal operation before power is expended. A recommended option if the building application is particularly dependent on the Holiday Schedule function.

Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV) – This compact and intelligent valve is optimised for Tanktronic system applications and provides efficient motorised tank filling. Models are available for pipe sizes ranging from ¾” to 2”.

Tanktronic Control Valve – The Control Valve works with Tanktronic to provide tank filling. This in-line valve is supplied with a flanged fitting suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 6”.

In addition to the standard Sensor input, the Control Unit features 2 x additional input connection ports. These volt-free contacts permit the fitting of third party devices such as leak detection or an emergency override button.

The Control Unit features 4 x volt-free contact output ports. Two are dedicated to Control Valve operation, while two outputs can be used for a variety of third party devices, including:

  • Additional filling valves
  • Low level alarm
  • Secondary shut-off valve
  • Immersion heater
  • Low level pump cut-out
Keraflo Tanktronic - Electronic Tank Management System

Keraflo Tanktronic

Keraflo Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV) Installation

Keraflo Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV)

Introducing the Tanktronic SCV filling valve manufactured by Keraflo

Keraflo Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV)

BIM objects are available for download from the NBS National BIM Library, in both Revit and IFC formats.

Click here to view Keraflo products on the National BIM Library

Warranty Cover

Parts only warranty (no labour) for equipment purchased in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Components of the unit which are proven to be faulty or defective in manufacture will be exchanged or repaired.

Warranty Period

1 Year from Date of Manufacture

Extended Warranty Period (available on Registration)

3 Years from Date of Installation

Extended Warranty Terms

To register and qualify for Extended Warranty cover, a photograph of the Keraflo Installation Label (included with the product and affixed to the Cold Water Storage Tank) with all installation and commissioning checklist activities completed should be sent via email to

The Keraflo Installation Label affixed to the Cold Water Storage Tank should be signed and dated with the installer’s name and the following details also provided to enable warranty registration: Keraflo product serial number, installation date and tank installation address/location.

Extended Warranty can also be registered online (via the Warranty section of this website).

What Our Customers Say...

We have been dealing with Keraflo since 2006 and have found both their products and customer service second to none.

Stuart Clark, Quality Manager, Nicholson Plastics Ltd

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Having dealt with Keraflo for over 16 years, we (Fraser & Ellis) are proud to be associated with and to offer a guaranteed quality product.

Paul Fraser, Managing Director, Fraser & Ellis Ltd

Testimonial Rating

The Keraflo valve has been and is a ground-breaking high quality product which never fails to deliver.

Norman Ross, Sales Director, Balmoral Tanks Ltd

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