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The modern solution to monitoring and controlling cold water storage tanks

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system available here at Keraflo which provides a simple solution to monitoring water levels and temperature. The technology can also manage and control tank filling and feed all this information back to your building management system. 

Each Tanktronic tank management system stands out from the competition due to the technology:

  • Monitoring and controlling water level and temperature.
  • Supporting single and multiple tanks.
  • Incorporating input and output device connectivity.
  • Having a quick-start feature with intuitive interface.
  • Allowing for alarms, failsafe and holiday schedule functionality.
  • Being compatible with building management systems (BMS)

The user-friendly system, which is quick to install, offers a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring.

In-depth look at the features and benefits of Tanktronic

  • Holiday Schedule feature enables users to vary tank capacity to match changing levels of demand at different time periods.
  • Each tank can be set with its own operating level to follow up to 10x schedules; close level, fill delay, alarm level high and low, temperature high and low.
  • A two-stage alert feature for high/low water levels and temperature: A second stage ‘override’ takes evasive action if first stage ‘alert’ is not responded to.
  • Switchable mode setting between ‘Normal’, ‘Holiday’ schedules and ‘Auto’ operation.
  • Set-up wizard allows standard set-ups to be configured quickly and easily.
  • Simple menu navigation with key status information (fault and alarm log data) displayed.

Here you will find sales literature for our Keraflo Tanktronic electronic tank management system together with our sales leaflet on our new Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve and other Keraflo products - all available for download. 


 Other Keraflo product information:


For more information about our Tanktronic electronic tank management systems, either view the device’s downloadable technical information documents or contact us to speak with one of our skilled team members.

Technical Information
  • Tanktronic can provide Monitoring only
  • Tanktronic can provide Monitoring and Control 
  • Tanktronic works with any valve.

With delayed-action float valves

  • Provides monitoring and alarm functionality
  • Control valve can be fitted as a back-up

With electro-mechanical control valves

  • Manages tank-filling by actioning control-valve
  • Delayed-action maintained

With equilibrium valves

  • Provides monitoring and alarm functionality
  • Control valve can be fitted as a back-up
Single Tank
Twin Tank (separate valves)
Twin Tank (common valve)
Multiple Tanks
  • Sensor (Water Pressure & Temperature)


Input - Other (not supplied by Keraflo)
  • Leak Detection 
  • Override Button
Output - Water
  • Control valve*
  • Dump valve
  • Secondary shut-off valve
  • Pump Override
Output - Temp
  • Immersion heater
Output - Alarms
  • Visual (flashing beacon)
  • Audible (Siren)
  • Alerts (sending message to BMS)

*Output device by Keraflo. All other devices by 3rd party suppliers

Case Studies

Tanktronic provides monitoring and control in Bracknell office block

With the aim of removing the time and uncertainty associated with water management and storage, Keraflo developed the digital Tanktronic system as a new, user-friendly solution. It is an integrated approach, combining a sensor with an electronic wall-mounted control interface. Where tank filling is needed, a solenoid valve fitted on the supply pipework to the tank. These features mean that the Tanktronic can be linked to a building’s BMS system, making water management a fully integrated part of building services. 

The building services manager or FM can easily view the volume and temperature of water stored at any time from the wall-mounted control interface, without the need to access the tank. Where additional features, such as controlled filling, are needed, the Tanktronic can be programmed to accommodate the individual needs of the system, by linking to a Keraflo valve. 

Already in place at Capitol Building, a commercial property in Bracknell, Tanktronic has been successfully trialled by Senior Site Engineer, Phill Atterton:

“The Tanktronic has been in place in the plant room for around six months and I think it’s absolutely brilliant,” says Phill. 

The plant room Phill is responsible for accommodates four water storage tanks, with a nominal capacity of around 16,000 litres each. The previous system was hugely unreliable: “I would regularly come into the plant room to find it either flooded because the old system had stuck and a tank had overflowed or the tanks were completely empty. Now, with Tanktronic in place, I have the complete reassurance that this won’t happen. In fact, I don’t even need to access the tanks, other than to carry out tank condition inspections – all the information I need is displayed on the wall-mounted unit. Obviously this is a major benefit both in terms of hygiene control and also in the time involved.”

Because Keraflo’s Tanktronic can be programmed to alert the user if the stored water fluctuates from a set point, such as volume and temperature, there is never any uncertainty involved in monitoring the water storage system. 

“The Tanktronic does exactly what it claims to do,”

says Phill Atterton,

“It is a vast improvement on my old solution.”

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