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Aylesbury KAX Type Float Valve

delayed action float valve primarily for tanks with raised valve chambers

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£ 468.00
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Aylesbury KAX Type Float Valve

delayed action float valve primarily for tanks with raised valve chambers

Price(s) From
£ 468.00
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Product Information

Aylesbury KAX Type mechanical float valves are specified for commercial water systems and provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored cold water in tanks with raised float valve chambers.

Precision-engineered and built to last, all Keraflo Aylesbury™ patented delayed action float valves are manufactured under Quality Management Systems certified to ISO.9001:2015 and designed to operate for long periods of time without maintenance.

The valves are easy to install with an ‘up and over’ discharge arrangement which assists in facilitating Type AA, AB, AF, or AG air gap requirements under the Water Regulations.

The Aylesbury range is ideal for pumped systems because the open to closed ‘on/off’ valve operation avoids pump hunting and water hammer. The selected water level is unaffected by pressure fluctuation and the patented ceramic disc sealing mechanism means that there is no seat or washer to wear.

The delayed action of Aylesbury float valves delivers a positive fill to actively churn the water in the tank.

The Aylesbury KAX Type valve’s weighted float can be adjusted to a number of positions on the brass float arm, allowing the tank’s stored water level to be easily modified.

Aylesbury KAX Type delayed action float valve, primarily for tanks with raised valve chambers
Opening/closing operating differential
Non-adjustable, approximately 75mm
Water pressure range
Suitable for 0-10 bar
Float specification
Revolutionary-shaped puncture-proof float, made from polyethylene closed cell foam which is CFC-free, air retardant and both chemically and biologically inert
Back-siphonage protection
Up and over discharge to BS1212 Part 2, which helps to facilitate air gap compliance
Product Features
Virtually indestructible, the heart of the valve incorporates pressure compensated rotating ceramic discs which are aligned in the open position
Reduced stress on the tank wall fixing point, due to the Aylesbury valve's radical design
Extended durability, with a non-wearing ceramic disc seal in a DZR brass housing
Maintenance free, designed to operate for long periods without maintenance
Improved water turnover, ideal for pumped systems, plus energy savings with positive pump control, maximised tank capacity, full flow during fill and reduced risk of Legionella
No valve bounce, dribble or incidence of water hammer
Ensures compliance with the Water Regulations

Identical in operation to the K Type, the Aylesbury KAX Type valves have extended drops and are suitable for tanks with raised valve chambers.

The KAX Type valves are primarily designed to fit into chambers or boxes in the covers of tanks calling for air gaps or where maximum tank capacity is required.

To assist with compliance with air gap requirements, the valve discharge is further raised above the centre line of the inlet. The KAX Type is especially suitable for Type AA and AB air gaps.

Here is a selection of documents, designed to ease specification and installation:

Product Leaflet

Aylesbury Delayed Action Float-Activated Valves

Download PDF

Keraflo Product Range Guide

Download PDF
Installation Guide

Aylesbury KAX Valve (20-50 DN)

Download PDF
Installation Guide

Aylesbury KAX Valve (50-80 DN)

Download PDF
Quick Reference Guide

Keraflo Spares Kit

Download PDF
Specification Wordings

Cistermiser and Keraflo Product Ranges

Download PDF
Specification Catalogue


Download PDF
How the KAX valve works

Aylesbury KAX Valve

Benefits of using Aylesbury Valves

Keraflo Aylesbury Valves

BIM objects are available for download from the NBS National BIM Library, in both Revit and IFC formats.

Click here to view Keraflo products on the National BIM Library

Warranty Cover

Parts only warranty (no labour) for equipment purchased in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Components of the unit which are proven to be faulty or defective in manufacture will be exchanged or repaired.

Warranty Period

1 Year from Date of Manufacture

Extended Warranty Period (available on Registration)

5 Years from Date of Installation

Extended Warranty Terms

To register and qualify for Extended Warranty cover, a photograph of the Keraflo Installation Label (included with the product and affixed to the Cold Water Storage Tank) with all installation and commissioning checklist activities completed should be sent via email to

The Keraflo Installation Label affixed to the Cold Water Storage Tank should be signed and dated with the installer’s name and the following details also provided to enable warranty registration: Keraflo product serial number, installation date and tank installation address/location.

Extended Warranty can also be registered online (via the Warranty section of this website).

What Our Customers Say...

We have been dealing with Keraflo since 2006 and have found both their products and customer service second to none.

Stuart Clark, Quality Manager, Nicholson Plastics Ltd

Testimonial Rating

Having dealt with Keraflo for over 16 years, we (Fraser & Ellis) are proud to be associated with and to offer a guaranteed quality product.

Paul Fraser, Managing Director, Fraser & Ellis Ltd

Testimonial Rating

The Keraflo valve has been and is a ground-breaking high quality product which never fails to deliver.

Norman Ross, Sales Director, Balmoral Tanks Ltd

Testimonial Rating
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